Saturday, 15 September 2012

FabScraps Marie Antionette Collection paper range

Our special day double page layout

For This LayoutYou Will Need

  • FabScraps Marie Antionette Collection paper range: DC53
  • Our special day :DC53018
  • MC5DC12 Marie Antionette paper flowers
  • Lavender cardstock 12 by 12 sheet x2
  • Lace
  • White paint
  • Brown ink
  • Large white flower
  • 3 4x6 pictures 1 3x4 and 2 3x3
1. Trace a large circle onto C53 007 Purple Tea Party side B diameter of 12, then cut out circle and ink edge of circle with brown ink.
2. Then from C50 001-008 cut 20 3x2 rectangles then ink half side a and half b.
3. Add lace to circle on underside of circle,then attach circle to lavender 12 by 12 with an over lap of 2inches slice off over hang of circle and attach to page 2
4. Paint Our special day :DC53018 with white paint.
6. Add 5 rectangles down right side of page one starting one inch down then leaving 1/2 inch between each rectangle
7. then on left side of page 2 add rectangles down side 2 inches in as per right side 5 rectangles down each with 1/2 inches gap this process is repeated 3 times, creating 3 rows.
8. add large flower to bottom left of lavender page slightly over lapping rows of bottom rectangles.
9. Make 2 flowers from MC5DC12 Marie Antionette paper flowers add either side of white flower.
10. Add pictures per display
11. Add Our special day :DC53018 above 4x6 landscape picture on page 2

Your project is now complete.


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  1. Beautiful layouts Geordie!!!! Love the softness it's so shabby chic♥