Saturday, 22 September 2012

FabScraps Enchanted garden brag book

Enchanted Gardens Brag book

Supplies needed:

C52 Enchanted Garden collection
ST52 002 enchanted gardens stickers
MC52 001 enchanted garden journal pad
MCDC 11 Enchanted garden die cut flower pad
E6 007 Silver butterfly emblishment
ME1 006 Metal catch closure


1. Cut C52 007 8 by 12 choose which side you want to use as a cover
2. Score this piece at 4,6,10 then fold on these crease lines creating a box like shape.
3. Choose 6 sheets in the collection these will become your pages. cut at 8 by 8 then score in half.
4. Use a circle punch and punch out a half circle on front side of folded pocket. Then sew down each side of the 6 pockets. you can use tape to adhere side of pockets.
5. Cut a 4 by 6 piece out of the scraps and score at 1/2 inch intervals along the paper creating an according fold, this will become your binding.
6. Attach the according folded piece inside cover on 2 inch binding
7. Attach the pockets into the according folds from back to front.
8. Tear flower from MCDC 11 Enchanted garden die cut flower pad fold and adhere flower to cover.
9. Attach stickers from ST52 002 enchanted gardens stickers to front cover
10. Attach E6 007 silver butterfly embellishment to flower on cover
11. Attach closure ME1 006 to cover
12. Fold journal pages and insert into pockets.

Yor project is now complete

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