Sunday, 30 September 2012

Enchanted Gardens Cherish Layout

Enchanted Gardens Cherish Layout

Supplies needed:

C52 Enchanted Garden collection
DC52 005 chipboard birds on a wire
DC52 007 chipboard butterflies
DC52 016 chipboard word cherish
kraft cardstock 12 by 12 sheet
Mist , gesso and lace from stash


1. Cut C52 008 11.5 by 11.5 athere to Kraft cardstock
2. Distress all edges and ink all edges
3. Cut 4 rectangles out of collection, crumple distress and ink all edges of rectangles
4. Layer to pieces of lace under the largest rectangle
5. Layer all rectangles ofsetting each to show the different papers as you layer.
6. Distress and gesso edges of the picture and adhere to top rectangle
7. Layer DC52 005 chipboard birds on a wire 4 ech on top of each other showing each birds at each level
8. Colour DC52 005 chipboard birds on a wire, DC52 007 chipboard butterflies DC52 016 chipboard word cherish with mist
9. Attach DC52 005 Birds to bottom of picture, cherish to top corner of layer of rectangles and butterlies to the top corner of the page.
10. Paint the layout, with gesso pver a brick mask on bottom, side and top of layout.

Yor project is now complete

Monday, 24 September 2012



Hi everyone i created this project for Limor1278 mixed media september challenge, the theam giving back made me think i choose to make somthing for a friend in my community that helps out without asking and never expects anything in return, you know the type busy working never complaining.

I used an old tea cup and when Isay old i dont mean a pretty floral antique one this was a lovley 80's hot pink and black number but the shap was pretty. these are the steps to alter the cup:

1. Adhere pattern paper(old sewing patterns) to cup all over including handle.
2. Once dry gesso cup
3. Paint cup in chosen colour
4. Stamp allover cup with textured stamp
5. Adhere lace flowers, tag to cup
6. stuff a piece of material and adhere into cup
The project is now complete and redy to give to the special person.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

FabScraps Enchanted garden brag book

Enchanted Gardens Brag book

Supplies needed:

C52 Enchanted Garden collection
ST52 002 enchanted gardens stickers
MC52 001 enchanted garden journal pad
MCDC 11 Enchanted garden die cut flower pad
E6 007 Silver butterfly emblishment
ME1 006 Metal catch closure


1. Cut C52 007 8 by 12 choose which side you want to use as a cover
2. Score this piece at 4,6,10 then fold on these crease lines creating a box like shape.
3. Choose 6 sheets in the collection these will become your pages. cut at 8 by 8 then score in half.
4. Use a circle punch and punch out a half circle on front side of folded pocket. Then sew down each side of the 6 pockets. you can use tape to adhere side of pockets.
5. Cut a 4 by 6 piece out of the scraps and score at 1/2 inch intervals along the paper creating an according fold, this will become your binding.
6. Attach the according folded piece inside cover on 2 inch binding
7. Attach the pockets into the according folds from back to front.
8. Tear flower from MCDC 11 Enchanted garden die cut flower pad fold and adhere flower to cover.
9. Attach stickers from ST52 002 enchanted gardens stickers to front cover
10. Attach E6 007 silver butterfly embellishment to flower on cover
11. Attach closure ME1 006 to cover
12. Fold journal pages and insert into pockets.

Yor project is now complete

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

FabScraps Enchanted Garden hinged canvas

Enchanted Garden Hinged canvas

What you need:
2x 8x8 canvas
1 hinge
mixed flowers from stash
brown ink


1. Prep canvas with gesso
2. Cut C5004 8x8 adhere to canvas ink and distress edges one adhered
3. Cut B side of C5004 and adhere to frame side of canvas, cut 007 to a 6x6 square and insert into middle on canvas.
4. Attach hinge to each canvas in middle
5. Cut picture to 4x4 and mount on C5008 4.5x4.5 then adhere to 6x6 square in middle on canvas place lace under 6x6 matt.
6. Cut blue bird fromC5008 attach in bottom corner of canvas2
7. Cut and distress moments tag from MC52001 and attach to bottom on canvas 1
8. Cluster and adhere flowers down left side and bottom
9. Paint gesso over high point of canvases

Saturday, 15 September 2012

FabScraps Marie Antionette Collection paper range

Our special day double page layout

For This LayoutYou Will Need

  • FabScraps Marie Antionette Collection paper range: DC53
  • Our special day :DC53018
  • MC5DC12 Marie Antionette paper flowers
  • Lavender cardstock 12 by 12 sheet x2
  • Lace
  • White paint
  • Brown ink
  • Large white flower
  • 3 4x6 pictures 1 3x4 and 2 3x3
1. Trace a large circle onto C53 007 Purple Tea Party side B diameter of 12, then cut out circle and ink edge of circle with brown ink.
2. Then from C50 001-008 cut 20 3x2 rectangles then ink half side a and half b.
3. Add lace to circle on underside of circle,then attach circle to lavender 12 by 12 with an over lap of 2inches slice off over hang of circle and attach to page 2
4. Paint Our special day :DC53018 with white paint.
6. Add 5 rectangles down right side of page one starting one inch down then leaving 1/2 inch between each rectangle
7. then on left side of page 2 add rectangles down side 2 inches in as per right side 5 rectangles down each with 1/2 inches gap this process is repeated 3 times, creating 3 rows.
8. add large flower to bottom left of lavender page slightly over lapping rows of bottom rectangles.
9. Make 2 flowers from MC5DC12 Marie Antionette paper flowers add either side of white flower.
10. Add pictures per display
11. Add Our special day :DC53018 above 4x6 landscape picture on page 2

Your project is now complete.


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

FabScraps @ Paperific Melbourne

Hi everyone, I know its been a while since  I have blogged  wow life has been busy. Last week I was in Melbourne for Paperific with Fabscraps, all  I can say is Wow what an experience Bridgett and Jamie made me feel right at ease and part of the FabScrap team.
It was a busy four days as we intruduced Australia to FabScrap products, lots of make and take projects were done and  we meet lots of lovely people.

I had such an amazing time in Melbourne thanks to Naomi  and the team at paperific.