Sunday, 6 March 2011

Wow Thanks Misty for sending me this stylish blogger award and thanks to Misty, Cindy and Becca for helping me figure out what goes where on my blog. I am so truly bless to have these people in my life.
To have the honor of receiving the Stylish Blogger Award you must always pay it forward to other blogger who are fairly new to blogging or to bring more fans to those you enjoy following.
With this award you are to share eight things about yourself. Then pass the award to eight others

Id like to pass my award to :
Jackie :
Racheal :
julia :
Robyn :
Sonya :
leslie :
Patti :
Doreen :
soon to be added as i cant find the links lol

So here's 8 things about me:
1. I have a son Colby who is 9 going on 64
2. I am addicted to making flowers
3. I am a morning person
4.  I love watching football
5. I love the colour blue
6. I have way to much jewellery ( that i hardly wear)
7. I have chronic foot in mouth, i say what i think and that gets me in trouble.... sometimes
8. I love to shop , but who doesn't right ?

Thanks again for all the support from my scrappy sisters u know who u are  xxxx

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  1. You are amazing and worth every award thats out there. I love your blog, your work, and most of all you!!!! Thanks for being my scrappy sis and a wonderful friend! Muah♥

    Much luv♥