Friday, 4 March 2011

My hands won't stop making flowers

OK so have you ever lost your mojo ? you know the drive that helps you scrap? well I have a cure but be careful because it might create a monster....... flowers.  every time  I lose my mojo I work on flowers I find a video  tut of flowers I like and attempt them the only problem is that I cant stop and end up making flowers for days on end . My first obsession was lollipops and to this day i still twitch when i see the right fabric to make them with, then it was a paper ruffled on which I think I ended up making 200 using newspaper, music sheets packing paper, tissues paper. Needless to say i sill have some in my flower box lol. Then was the rolled flower i think i spent three days making those and then came the prima gatbsy look alike i tried with thin pearls flat Perl's sequins, crystal's I even tried with lace. I  have now decided to limit my self to ten make ten then put away (I can do it  really) OK so my latest and current obsession is a sewn flower and its a twisted spiral , OK so i made 30 but it wasn't 200.

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  1. The best thing about your flowers is that they will last forever. So keep making your garden grow.