Sunday, 27 May 2012

Great outdoors FabScraps Canvas



The Great Outdoors Canvas

For This Canvas You Will Need

  • FabScraps C48 Rustic Collection
  • The Great Outdoors DC48015
  • Wood Trees DC48008
  • Ants DC48014
  • MC48001 Die Cut Journal book
  • Sticker ST48002
  • Trim from stash
  • Dark drown Ink
  • various paint and mist from stash
  • Brown cardstock
  • Flower from my stash.
  • Stencil used for background
  • 14 by 14 Canvas
1. Prep canvas and paint base with vintage white
2. paint background with two shades of brown in a large brush strokes leaving marks until u are happy with the coverage.
3. .Once dry ink around edges with a stencils over lapping to create depth
4. use one full sheet of C48007 distress edges and ink all edges, lay on centre of canvas
5. Then cut C48 008 11 by 11 distress all edges and ink all edges and centre on top of C48007
6. Cut a photo matt out of brown cardstock 6 by 10 and matt pictures and lay on C48008, 2 inches from top
7. On top of the photo matt a piece of C48 008 is cut 10 in and punched bottom edge with a border punch of choice, this is then layered with a brown trim.
8. Then take DC48015,008and 014 and push into a brown ink pad dying the pieces dark brown, Once dry spray the trees with a mist, to add sparkle.
9. The tress are then added to bottom left corner of the matted pictures along with the title, then flower is added and ST48 placed under flower on corner of 12 by 12 sheet.
10.The ants are added to top of picture matt in a ascending pattern as if they are climbing.
11. Then on the bottom right hand corner dice cut from MC48 is used for hidden Journaling.
The project is now complete
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