Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Marie Antionette trinket box FabScraps dt project

Marie Antionette trinket box

what you need for this project:

C53 005 Pink Carriage x2
DC53 006 Crown
E6 004 metal embelliment
E7 005 metal key
MP2 001 flat backed pearls
brown ink
yellow ink
various paper flowers from stash
key hole metal embelishment
handle and box
white paint

1. Paint box in white paint
2. cut paper C53 005 Pink Carriage x2 to fit box four sides and top, sizes depending on box used
3. Distress all edges of cut pannels then ink
4.Adhere all panels to box
5. Adhere flat back pearls to bottom edge to create a border all around the box
6. Adhere flowers to top right hand side
7. Ink DC53 006 Crown with yellow ink then the edges with brown allow to dry then adhere to top of box in cluster of flowers
8. slide metal emblishments E6 004 and E7 005 metal key under cluster of flowers on top of box to add texture
9. Adhere handle and add to top of box
10. adhere keyhole to front of box

your project is now completed

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